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Friday, May 27, 2016

Millers Falls Paper Roll of Honor

This unusual memorial is currently on the wall at the small library in Millers Falls, Montague, MA. It commemorates those serving in World War II from the paper mill, located just across the bridge in the town of Erving.

Names of employees listed as serving are:

Philip Lambert
Joseph Guminak
Edward Greenbaum
Roy Currie
John Reitzell
Henry Mathey
Frances Champion  (WAAC))
Harry Woodin
John Woodin
Philip Kavanaugh
Joseph Szaniawski
Wallace Stebbins
Russell Smith
Harold Frederick
William Rose
Richard Daniels
Jules Caver
John Bagg, Jr.
Laurence Bagg (gold star)
Charles Makarewicz
Irene Berube
William Fitzgerald
Benjamin Bruce
Mortimer O'Connor
Richard Teahan
Francis Kavanaugh
Joseph Konsevich
Alvin Baker
Robert Nagle
Adam Kezloski
John Lane
James Ryan
John Coogan
Frank Niedzwiedz
Chester J. Kulis
Edwin Baker
Joseph Rodovich
Leon Venskowski
Charles Koblinski
Bernard Wasileski
Henry Malo
Joseph Constance
Walker Hosmer
Joseph Kozik
Alfred Skrypek
Raymond Denkiewicz

The next series of names are on a second plaque, not labeled as employees or non-employees.

Walter T. Kostanski, Jr.
John Kruzlic
Alvin Comins
Walter Jelicki
Benjamin Jalicki
Henry Kruzlic
Anthony J. Golembieski
Stanley Lipinski
Joseph Lipinski
Henry Kostanski
Ross E. Currie
John Yez
Charles Simondiski
Zigmund Simondiski
Henry A. Gaida

The third plaque is entitled "Family Honor Roll," indicating those serving whose family members worked at the paper company.

The names are:

Charles H. Rydell
Henry Kopec
Doyle F. Rockwell
Stanley S. Semaski
Adolph J. Burek
Raymond J. Burek
William J. Parczyk
Walter Ross
George Thompson
Edward Kulis
Michael Plaza
Joseph Plaza
Stanley P. Noga
Charles J. oga
Chester Skrypek
Henry Skrypek
Henry C. Dlugoenski
Leonard G. Mathey
John T. O'Riley
Donald Newton
John Goly
Anthony F. Gaida
THeodore W. Gaida
Raymond Wasileski
Edward Wasileski
Henry Wasileski
Walter P. Makarewicz
Charles P. Makarewicz
Stanley Kopec
Stephie Kulis
Joseph D. Dymerski
John Kopec
Joseph Cichanowicz
Louis J. Parda
Lawrence E. Ellis
Frank J. Rudell
Alexander Kostrzewsky
Edward R. Black
Morgan M. Browning
Lawrence A. Comins
Anthony Kostrzewski
Wellsley G. Thompson
Raymond J. Conway
Amie Bonie
Alexander Kozlowski, Jr.
Edward Silva
Joseph Silve
Joseph Kostanski
William Kostanski