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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pretty Words on Building Roads

From 1889-1990:

In order to sustain the reputation of the town as a desirable place for residence and business, heavy expenditure of money is necessary. The people have been very liberal in voting supplies, and great care should be taken that the line be not crossed between expenditure which is necessary and right and that which is unnecessary, extravagant and useless.

At the last annual meeting the town voted to complete macadamizing Main street and a little over 5000 square yards was laid, averaging ten inches in thickness, completely underdrained by two lines of blind ditches, laid with porous tile, at an expense of $5,145 including the expense of crushing.

The excellence of this street has attracted the attention of people who are interested in road repairs, and many visitors from cities and towns intending to adopt some system of macadamizing their streets, have examined it and all report themselves as much pleased with our success.

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